Primary Staff Handbook v2.0


The Renaissance Primary Staff Handbook contains useful, supportive and easily accessible information for staff. It is a repository for documents that are static and dynamic. More guidance about what is in each section can be found below.

Other supportive websites include:

Basic Expectations


Teachers should be available in classrooms from 8am to 4pm, except on days when there are meetings when hours on site might be longer.

EAs are expected on site from 8am - 3pm or the equivalent as agreed with their teacher.


Procedure for when a member of staff is unable to come to school

The Primary School Cover Number is:

tel - 3556 3321

The Procedure:

  1. Member of staff calls the cover number before 7:00am that morning and leaves their name and reason why they can’t come in (eg – sick)

  2. Member of staff then emails any supply plans, including duties, to Louisa Au at and copies in their YLL, EA or other members of their team as needed.

Teachers are expected to change year levels every four years. Further guidance for this is available here.


  • Policy locations

  • Expectations

    • On campus hours

    • Assemblies

  • Timetables

  • Duty information

  • Calendars

    • Primary events

    • Link to Parent calendar

    • Link to Parent University calendar

  • Emergency Procedures including fire, lockdown and anaphylaxis.

  • Weather

  • Lost and Found items


  • Communication guidelines for RCHK

  • Social Media guidelines

  • Emergency communication web

  • Email handle lists

  • Class parent guidelines

  • Parent University - how to add events

  • Enhancements to the PYP

  • Collaboration at RCHK

  • POI and master planning documents

Written Curriculum - Planning

  • Programme of Inquiry

  • Overviews and continuums

    • English

    • Maths

    • Specialists

    • Wellbeing (includes PSPE and RSE)

  • Unit planners


  • Collaborative planning dates

  • Collaborative planning expectations and mechanisms

  • Suggested collaborative planning process

  • RCHK working norms poster

Assessed Curriculum

  • Reporting on learning

    • 3WC

Hidden curriculum

  • Learning environments policy

  • Assembly expectations



  • CPD policy

  • CPD application form

  • CPD group application form

  • CPD Thursdays information


  • PRD guidelines

Educational Assistants

  • Assignments

  • Guidelines

  • Leave and cover guidelines


  • Outside providers and volunteers

  • Parent volunteers (in class)


  • #heartofRCHK shared language

  • Student support

    • Counselling

    • ELSAs

  • Safeguarding and Child Protection (CP)

    • Safeguarding and CP - the difference

    • Code of Conduct guidance

    • How to use CPOMS

  • List of students with severe anaphylaxis

  • Mindfulness and Bullying Prevention Programs

Strategy and Quality Assurance

  • CW strategic plan

  • IB Evaluation report

  • IB standards and practices